Bag Body Canvas Women's Pink Butterfly Print Yours Cross Clothing Ogqn0


Canvas Body Butterfly Women's Pink Bag Cross Print Clothing Yours
Consistency and “Feel”
Specially formulated Premier Gutta Percha is neither too soft nor too brittle. These points offer the ideal consistency for plugging or for lateral condensation. Gives excellent radiopacity. Premier Gutta Percha is softened easily and dissolves readily in chloroform.

A.A.E. Sizes – Color-Coded
All A.A.E. Gutta Percha are machine-made (not hand-made) to ensure an identical shape and size to the corresponding Reamer and/or File. A.A.E. sizes of Gutta Percha, in boxes of 6 vials.

Box of 60

90560177mm Fiber Carbon Red 19 Polished Black Clip and Money 53 Inlay Steel 9mm with x Stainless WnqgSZ0A 130
9056021 Assorted 90-140

Box of 120

9056001 15
9056002 20
9056003 25
9056004 30
9056005 35
9056006 40
9056007 45
9056008 50
9056009 55
9056010 60
9056011 70
9056019 Assorted 25-40
9056020 Assorted 45-80

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